2017 Kids & Ladies Rules

2017 Kids & Ladies Rules

2017 Grand Haven Offshore Challenge Kids & Ladies Rules


A. Open to any fishing team consisting of boys age 17 and under and any female willing to abide by Tournament rules, Michigan DNR regulations and payment of entry fees.


A. Entry fee is $150 per boat.  There will be two Divisions.

B. The Tournament committee alone will determine entry fee refund in case of emergency withdrawal.

C. In the event of Tournament cancellation due to weather or reasons beyond the control of the Tournament committee, the committee reserves the right to retain up to 10% of the entry fee for costs, before refunding the remainder.


A. Winners will be determined by total accumulation of points based on:

--- Ten (10) points per legal fish boated, plus

--- One (1) point per pound (nearest hundredth pound) total weight

B. The team accumulating the highest number of points over all hours of the tournament will be

Declared the winner; the contestant with the next highest accumulation of points, second and so


C. The following species shall be eligible: Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Pink

Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead

D. All fish must be legal per the DNR Rules and regulations.

E. Each team Captain will designate their 5 fish they wish to have weighed in prior to getting 

in line to weigh-in. Plus their smallest fish for the Small Fish contest for a total of 6 fish. 

Don't forget to write your best "Fish Tale" on the sheet provided, please use only the spaces

allowed! Be creative or use your own real true fish tale!


A. The Tournament fishing date is Friday June 2nd, 2017

B. Tournament Schedule

1. Thursday, June 1st, registration 5:30 - 7:30 PM Captain's meeting to follow.

2. Friday June 2nd, 2017

6:30 am begins the fishing period.

All boats must be inside pier head by 12:30 PM or be disqualified.    No Run Times

Award, ceremony will immediately follow completion of weigh-in.


A. Tournament control will start and end each Tournament period by radio communication on channel

06 FM.

B. Once the fishing period is declared closed by Tournament control no more fish may be

boated.  All boats most proceed directly to the designated weigh-in station.  Alternate fishing

times may be established by Tournament control when conditions so dictate.



B. A limit of fifteen (15) fish per boat may be boated but only the top 5 will be weighed. Team

must pick top five (5), weigh-in committee will not weigh individual fish. All eligible (per

Section III C.) DNR legal size fish must be kept.   Small fish must be in your 15 caught but can be

separate from 5 to be weighed for overall tournament. Please have that small fish chosen before 

coming to weigh-in.

C. Rod Limit - No Rod Limit just DNR rules apply!!

D. Fish must be reeled in and netted by the kids or ladies.  Anyone can set the lines and drive.

E. No loose ice or water in the cooler.    Either will result in a DQ for the days catch