2017 Pro Am Rules

2017 Grand Haven Offshore Challenge Pro Am Rules


a.    Open to any fishing team willing to abide by Tournament Rules, Michigan DNR Regulations and payment of entry fee
b.    Entrants may register to fish in only one division – PRO or AM

i.    Licensed charter boats must register in the PRO division
ii.    Any team with a Captain who has actively chartered in the past five (5) years is required to register in the PRO division
iii.    All other non-charter boats have the option to register in either division

II.    Dates & Scheduling
a.    The Tournament fishing dates are SATURDAY, June 3th and SUNDAY, June 4th.
b.    Tournament schedule:
Thursday, June 1st, 5:30pm Registration; Captain’s Meeting to follow
All Team Captains (all divisions) and Pro Observers must attend.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
4:45am    All observers need to be on assigned boats.
6:00am    Tournament boats to depart Grand Haven pier head (must be Grand Haven) in an orderly fashion. Tournament Control will start each fishing period by radio communication on channel 06 FM.
1:30pm    All boats must be in the pier head to avoid DQ. You can fish until whatever time you want as long as you are in the pier head by 1:30pm.  Tournament Control will end each fishing period by radio communication on channel 06 FM.
Weigh-In as soon as you get in.

Sunday, June 4th, 2017
4:45am    All observers need to be on assigned boats.
6:00am    Tournament boats to depart Grand Haven pier head (must be Grand Haven) in an orderly fashion.  Tournament Control will start each fishing period by radio communication on channel 06 FM
1:30pm    All boats must be in the pier head to avoid DQ. You can fish until whatever time you want as long as you are in the pier head by 1:30pm.  Tournament Control will end each fishing period by radio communication on channel 06 FM.
Weigh-In as soon as you get in. The award ceremony will immediately follow upon completion of the weigh-in.

III.    Boat Identification & Inspection
a.    Identification
i.    The Tournament Committee will provide a colored flag and/or boat identification number for each contestant’s boat.
ii.    The flag shall be flown on the constant’s radio antenna in full view from all directions during tournament hours.
iii.    The ID number can be prominently displayed on the starboard side of the participant’s boat at all times during the tournament
b.    Inspection
i.    All boats are subject to inspection by the Committee and/or its agents at any time.
ii.    Any boat failing inspection will be disqualified.
IV.    The Observer System
a.    Pro Division
i.    Observer assignments are made by lottery. As much as possible, local boats will be paired with out-of-town observers. Each Captain is required to report the location of their boat to his assigned observer at registration. Observer reassignment may be exercised at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. The observer may be used for a legal fish limit, provided the Captain ensures that the observer has a legal Michigan license.
ii.    The Captain of each team shall be responsible for his observer to be on board the assigned boat 45 minutes prior to the start of each fishing period. Failure to do so, without just cause as ruled by the Tournament Committee, may result in penalty points being applied to the days catch of the team supplying the observer.
iii.    Any observer over 5 minutes late will be replaced by another crew member of the providing boat immediately. The providing boat will also have a two (2) point deduction per minute starting at 4:50am.   If the observer or team member isn’t on the assigned boat by 5:10am the team will be disqualified for the days catch.
iv.    Observers must be at least 16 years old. It is the observer’s responsibility to see that all of the Tournament rules and DNR regulations are honored on his/her assigned boat. Any infractions/violations of these rules and regulations shall be reported to the Tournament Committee.
v.    An “Official Tournament Observers” sheet will be provided for each fishing period. Only the observer shall enter the time in the log for every “fish in-the-box.” At the conclusion of the fishing periods, the log sheet must be signed by both the observer and the Captain prior to presenting the catch for scoring at the official weigh-in station.
vi.    The observer of his/her assigned boat must accompany each day’s catch until it has been officially weighed and scored.
vii.    If the observer is not on board by 4:50am then again at 5:10am, please contact the Tournament Committee at (616) 299-8136.
viii. Minimum boat length is 24’.  If you don’t have an enclosed head you must notify the tournament committee. 

b.    Am Division
i.    The five (5) leading scorers from Saturday’s competition may have an observer assigned for Sunday’s fishing period at the discretion of the committee. These observers would be supplied by the Tournament Committee.
ii.    Amateurs must act as their own observers; each fish must be recorded completely as caught.

***Observer sheets must be filled out in its entirety prior to the weigh in or else the team will be penalized 10 points. This includes time, species, approximate weight and signature. No exceptions!!!!***

V.    Start, Finish & Official Contest
a.    Tournament Control will start and end each fishing period by radio communication on channel 06 FM.
b.    Once the fishing period is declared closed by Tournament Control, no more fish may be boated.
c.    All boats must proceed directly to the weigh-in station.
d.    Alternate fishing times may be established by Tournament Control when conditions dictate.
e.    The contest is considered official if a minimum of three (3) hours are fished between Saturday and Sunday. Prizes will be awarded based on points accumulated during the official fishing periods.
f.    There shall be no fishing by Tournament contestants except during Tournament hours either day of the contest. Nor shall any boat leave the harbor for any reason during tournament weekend.
VI.    Radio Procedure
a.    Each boat must be equipped with an operating VHF marine radio including channel 06.
b.    Stand-by is on channel 06 FM.
c.    Open communications for all divisions
VII.    Fishing Rules
a.    No fishing boundaries
b.    A limit of fifteen (15) fish per boat may be boated; of which, no more than nine (9) Lake Trout will be weighed.  
12 fish will be weighed for PRO boats and 10 will be weighed for AM boats. (All fish must be brought to the waterfront stadium on Saturday and the extra fish must be dropped off at Teen Challenge prior to getting in line for weigh in, Sunday you can donate to Teen Challenge or keep your fish) ONLY get in line for weigh in with your 12 fish (PRO) and 10 fish (AM) in your cooler. All eligible (per section VIII b iii)
c.    A maximum of nine (9) rods will be allowed.
d.    Each
boat that attains the fifteen (15) fish limit shall immediately discontinue fishing, retrieve their fishing gear and return to the weigh-in station. No further fishing is allowed during the fishing period.
e. If more than the allowed catch is weighed in, all largest fish over the twelve (12) fish limit for PRO and ten (10) fish limit for AM will be disqualified. In addition, the next largest fish will also be taken off your catch for a total of eleven (11) fish for PRO or nine (9) for AM weighed in.

f.    An attempt must be made to reel in any hooked fish and NO intentional dragging or shaking will be permitted.
g.    All fish must be DNR Legal Size.    Any underized fish per DNR rules and regulations shall be thrown back and not counted against your 15 fish Max.
i.    Certified boards will be used at the weigh-in sites to standardize measuring. These boards will be present at the Captains' Meeting for teams to compare their own measuring devices to. These will be the official measuring boards of the tournament, and will determine whether or not a fish is legal for the event.
ii.     Length Measurement Directions – from Michigan DNR 2017 Mast Angler Application: measure fish from top of nose (or lower jaw) to tip of tail in a straight line. DO NOT measure in a curve around the body from nose to tail. Measure to the closest 1/8 inch. Tail and jaw should be pinched together.
iv.    In the event a short fish comes in, by Tournament Rules or State of Michigan regulations definition, further action will be taken to ensure the integrity of the tournament.
v.    If any fish submitted for weigh-in is found to be smaller than the minimum size established by tournament rules, the undersized fish will be disallowed. Also, 10 points plus 1 point per pound of the undersized fish will be deducted from the team's score. However, in no case shall a team's score be made less than zero.
vi.    All point leaders must be willing to submit to polygraph examination.
vii.    All winning fish may be tested for time in possession.
viii.    All fish weighed in must remain in the specified area until the completion of weigh-in.
ix.    Any fish taken in violation of state law will disqualify the day's catch.
x.    Disposition of fish must be in compliance with state and local laws. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
xi.    Failure to comply by these rules will result in stiff penalties to be determined by the judges.
h.    By signing the registration form, the team Captain offers implied consent to the committee for one or more of the following: (1) disclosure of fishing conditions and (2) manner in which a fish was taken.

VIII.    Weigh-In & Scoring
a.    Weigh-In
i.    At the close of each fishing period, the boat shall immediately proceed to the designated weigh-in station. The Captain will disembark one crew member, the fish container and the observer with the signed log sheet. The crew member and observer must remain with the fish until officially weighed in and scored.
ii.    Failure of a boat to proceed directly to the weigh-in station will result in disqualification. Boats docked at Chinook Pier, City Marina or Grand Haven Yacht Club AND who have an observer on-board may dock at their slip, allowing the observer and crew member to transport their catch to the weigh-in site by land.
iii.    The team member is responsible for any and all special fish weigh-in, includes Big Fish prizes.
iv.    Fish become the property of the Tournament committee at the conclusion of the first day; the second day’s catch may be retained by the contestant or donated to the committee for subsequent donation to Teen Challenge.
b.    Scoring
i.    Winners will be determined by total accumulation of points based on:
1.    Ten (10) points per legal fish boated, plus
2.    One (1) point per pound (nearest hundredth pound)
ii.    The team accumulating the highest number of points over all hours of the tournament will be declared the winner; the team with the next highest accumulation of points, second and so on.
iii.    The following species shall be eligible: (a) Chinook Salmon; (b) Lake Trout; (c) Atlantic Salmon; (d) Pink Salmon; (e) Coho Salmon; (f) Steelhead; and (g) Brown Trout.
iv.    Each team Captain will designate their team’s largest fish prior to weigh-in. In the case of a tie for the largest fish in class, the team’s fish with the earliest posted log sheet will be declared the winner.
IX.    Disqualifications, Penalties & Protests
a.    Disqualifications & Penalties
i.    Participants violating the rules of the contest or acting uncooperatively or in a disorderly manner may be disqualified or penalized by points deduction at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
ii.    Boats must be checked in by the Tournament Committee at weigh-in not more than 60 minutes after the close of the regular or shortened fishing time.
iii.    If you have not cleared the pier head by the close of the fishing time, you will be disqualified and your days catch NOT weighed. 
iv.    Automatic disqualification will result from the following:
1.    Running gunnel to gunnel with other boats or passing objects from boat to boat or person to person, from the start of the fishing period until the catch is surrendered at the weigh-in station.
2.    Failing to report directly to the designated weigh-in station at the close of the fishing period.
3.    Possession of fish other than those fairly caught during the designated fishing period.
4.    Professional team failing to provide an observer by 6:10, either day.  

5. Fishing inside the pier heads will NOT be allowed.                                                                                                     
v.    Tournament participants are duty bound to report any rule violations they observe to the Tournament Committee.
vi.    An unsigned observer log sheet will result in a score deduction of ten (10) points.
b.    Protests
i.    The Protest Committee will be appointed prior to the Captain’s meeting.
ii.    Protests must be presented to the Tournament Committee in writing, on the day of the infraction by 3:00pm with $100. If your protest wins, you will get back $200; however, if it does not, the Tournament keeps the $100.
iii.    A five (5) person Protest Committee will resolve disputes. Their decision shall be final and binding.
iv.    Excessive complaints and unsportsmanlike behavior at any time during the tournament weekend will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification from the current tournament.

***Disqualified participants may not be invited to future tournaments***

X.    Disclaimers
a.    Rule Changes – the Tournament Committee has the discretion to modify these rules; however, any changes will be made in written form and posted publicly 45 minutes prior to the start of the Tournament.
b.    Liability – all reasonable precautions will be taken by the Offshore Challenge Tournament Committee to protect persons and property during the Tournament. Neither the committee, judges, officers, directors nor sponsors can or will be responsible for the safety of persons, for accident, theft, damage by fire, vandalism or any other cause for loss to a contestant’s property.

***Participants understand and agree to hold harmless the aforementioned groups and individuals from liability or damage as may be incurred from the participation in this Tournament***