West Michigan Teen Challenge Support

Beginning in 1997 The Grand Haven Offshore Challenge and West Michigan Teen Challenge teamed up to manage the fish weigh in activities during the 2 day Pro / Am fishing tournament.  Teen Challenge students work in teams to help out with the boats stopping at the break wall to drop off their cooler and an angler for the weight-in.  All fish weighed in during the first day of the two day tournament are donated to Teen Challenge; donation of fish by the anglers is optional for day two.  The student teams collect the fish after weigh-in and take them to the local fish cleaning station.  At the cleaning station the students, clean and pack the donated fish to take back to refill their campus freezers.  At each tournament enough fish is donated to feed the 100 students and support staff two meals a week for a year.  The donation of fresh water fish is not only a healthy meal but also a large financial break for Team Challenge who now has 10,400 meals taken care of.

 West Michigan Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive (www.wm-tc.com).