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Salmon by Layah and Rayven

Salmon by Namia

Our Salmon by Shiann

Salmon by Sierra

Our Salmon by Drake

Mr. Bo's Class
Oakview Elementary School, Muskegon
Third Grade

April, 2010


Our Salmon

Our 5th grade classroom at Spring Lake Intermediate School has been raising salmon since last November. When the eggs first arrived they were an orange and yellow color, and they hatched in about 2 weeks. While they were hatching we realized that not all the eggs were going to live. As the Alevin began to swim around we enjoyed seeing the sack underneath their stomachs that gave them food. We soon learned about their special needs and life cycle. My class soon began naming the salmon. Right now our salmon are at the Parr stage, and we will soon be letting them go, which is sad for all of us.

I asked a few people in the class what they thought about the salmon, and this is what they told me. Kelsey loves having them in our classroom and wants to learn more about them. Calvin likes having them because no other class has them. Cameron thinks they’re awesome, and he especially likes Cameron Jr., which he named after himself. I like having them because I learned about things I never knew I was interested in. Last, Dylan thinks we need to set them free. I wonder if the salmon will be ready to leave our classroom in May. I believe that raising the salmon was a good experience for our class that we will always remember.

Grace Vandenbosch
Mr. Greene’s Class
Spring Lake Intermediate School
Fifth Grade

April, 2010