Fish Tales

2004 Winner - Run-N-Gun

The boat was dead still, you could hear a hook drop. It was officially a lull and we ladies began to chatter about the phenominal bargains at the Lakes Mall. Then, like thunder, the center rigger went off. Was it a big greaser headed for the bottom or maybe the King of Kings, come to fulfill our dreams? All four of us ladies grabbed the rod and began a fight reminiscent of Thrilla in Manilla! After much blood, sweat, tears and cursing the fight neared it's end. With our eyes on the prize, we reeled in the beast. I'll be a "Monkey's Uncle" we were sure we had the largest of species - DRIFTWOOD. Easily weighing in at 20 lbs and 10 feet. Oh well- back to fishing!


2003 Winner - Best Chance

We arrived in Grand Haven expecting the worst, for the weather of past had made us cursed. Equipped with some beer, some pretzels, and pucker, a few shots later, we're yelling, "Let's get those suckers". Out on the lake we all placed our bets, the rods were all set and we readied our nets. The reels began screaming, the poles were on fire, the fish were a jumping. It was down to the wire, soon loaded with fish, we set bow for the pier. It was a darn good thing, we were near out of beer. Captain Dave was a pacing, can't repeat what he's saying. So we all grabbed our cooler and went down to the weigh in. As sisters we agree "win or lose we could care less". Whether fishing or working the comradaree is priceless.


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