2005 Winner - Best Chance

Fishing with the Best Chance girls team this year was more about color and less about beer. We began selecting lures that matched our painted toes, Passion Pink, Mango Mist, Watermelon and Rose. Dave, please find a dipsey diver in Chad Chi ng Cherry, and then a rubber snubber in tutti fruity or red raspberry. It must be our luck, no omen or curse, that the best colors today matched our shoes & purse. Soon we were loaded and pointed toward shore, when our last big salmon hit our hot pink board. Bill said, leave it to our girls to rely on a hunch, a little Jimmy Buffett and some tropical fruit punch. The point of the day is not winning or losing, its so much more fun when we do the choosing. Being with friends, no phones and just chillin' our lips painted red and our toes a fresh melon we broke through the piers only minutes to spare. Just enough time to fix makeup and hair!