2006 Winner - Tammy Too

It's a Wonderful Life by Sal Salmon

It seemed so long ago that I was just a fryling. One day I was chosen to be part of a project called "Salmon in the Classroom". I was so proud - they picked me! I was one of 300 other salmon chosen. We got to see kids everyday. They would feed us, talk to us and watch us swim around. We did this for about 2 months. Out of all of the students, one little boy was my favorite. De didn't come around when all the other kids were here; he came around by himself and just watched us. Sometimes he would talk to us - he even named some of us. I'm Sal and whenever I see my boy, I swim right in front. He's my friend. One day, the students took us to a new place. It was this area surrounded by water. I had never seen so much water. My friend looked sad. I couldn't figure out why. Then all of a sudden I went flyin' out of my container and into another unknown body of water. After gaining my composure, I looked up and saw my little boy.

He and I held stare until his teacher hurried him away. Then, I was alone. No one was around me. This place wasn't like my first home. The water was dark and dirty. The temperature was never constant. I had to swim south & deeper during some months and north & shallow in other months. As I aged and matured, I began learning some of the survival techniques of this world. Gerald, a 4 year old big king told me to avoid all things bright and shiny. I didn't know about this - all I knew was I missed my little boy. As time went on, I learned more and more about these shiny objects, with names like Orange Crush, Blue Dolphin, and Monkey Puke (ick!). But I never came across them. It wasn't until I became an elder that I saw it! It was the most beautiful looking treasure I'd ever seen. I decided to take a closer look. Opening my mouth, I started to nibble. The next few minutes were a blur but before I knew it, I was face to face with my little boy, and I could tell he was happy to see me too! These days, I am lookin in on him everyday, and every once in a while my little boy will look up at me…. And smile!