2007 Winner - In Pursuit

Led core line, spin doctor and spoons galore I can assure you this chore Not the laundry or washing dirty dishes But bringing in the biggest of fishes. We're missing out on our shopping But who cares the fish are hopping With a fish on the line we hear "reel, reel, reel" If you've done this before you know how my arms feel. We're bringing in a Big King, don't break a nail Do we have time to write a fishing tale? The led core line is out so far We may have time to stop at the bar. Bud, Miller and Coors is the choice We're yelling so much we've lost our voice We drank too much and we're going to pee our pants It makes us want to do the fishing dance. Our Captain has brought us to the best fishing spot No wonder the fishing today has been so hot. With the pole in our hand there is no time for dusting We're catching the fish and our cooler is busting!