2008 Winner - In Pursuit

Spoon Time

7:04 we got one on lead core! We reeled it in until muscles were sore. Amid the thunder, King caught on Blue Balls – no wonder. Following close behind Another of the same kind. Super Froggin' it in To catch another of the same kin. Amid skies of light Trout was on the bite. Steer to the left, no to the right The crew was starting to fight. Thunder & Lightening The cells were frightening! Monkey Puke or pouring rain It doesn't matter, it's all the same. Steelhead, Trout & King A cooler full will make us sing Dancing Anchovy, salad tosser About as useful as bikini flosser. 8 crew members dripping wet And only 8 fish in the cooler yet. Green lipped intern thrown away, Might be useful another day. As morning wore on, the waves started to grow The crew screamed at the captain "We're losing our troll." Fob Wobbler, Blueberry, Jaw Breaker to go It all must come in if were to find the flow. At our new coordinates; 40 50 60 West The fish should surely bite the best! Throwing fish box and Deadweight out This is what fishing is all about. Plenty of little fish to be had, We spent hours looking for the Dad. 12 fish in the cooler, were cold but not bitter Because we're the girls of the In Pursuit, we're surely the winners.