2009 Winner - Retriever

Teamwork : By Mike and Jacob Piechocki


Today we learned a little about teamwork. My brother and I fished on our dad's boat Retriever. We left dock bright and early just before 6AM. We didn't care about how early it was because we were so excited! We set lines and before they were all set, someone yelled "FISH ON", and the battle was on! After about 5 minutes, Sara boated our first fish. It was a nice 3-4lb. king salmon. After another 10 minutes the cry went out for the next fish and it was our turn! The king hit a leadcore and was very difficult to reel in. My brother and I took turns reeling it in because our arms got soooo sore! Over the next 2 hours we boated another 10 fish, most of which came on the cores. My brother and I had to work together with all of that reeling. Without each others help, we couldn't have reeled in all of those fish and had such a perfect day on the water! (and Mommy was awesome on the net too!) Kids Fishing 1 Kids Fishing 2