Fish Tales

2014 Fish Tales Winner - Danel

Sung to the tune of 'Ice Ice Baby'...


Alright Stop! Set the baits and listen!  Danel is back with a brand new intention...

Something grabs our bait tightly, is it the big one?  It just might be. 

Will it ever stop?  Yo, I don't know.  Crank that rod as fast as it'll go.

To the extreme we rock a mic like a vandal, open the cooler and stack more than we can handle!

Crank!  Go rush the rod that booms; killin' these fish...we need a harpoon!

Deadly, when we have a mixed veggie, anything less than the best is a felony!

Love it or leave it, you better gain way....

You better fill the cooler, these kids don't play!

If there was a problem, yo - our mateys will solve it...

Check out the hooks while the captain resolves it...

Put 'em on Ice, Ice Baby! 



2013 Winner - Danel

It's almost rained on our parade today.

As the sun came up, we got underway.

Catching Big Kings on Gummy worms,

Reeling so hard our arms began to burn.

"My tummy hurts and I'm going to puke",

"Grab the rod there is one on the Chute!"

"Is it time to go in yet?",

"Just grab the net!"

Big Kings, Little Kings and a few Trout,

Fishing is in our blood ~ no doubt!

Open the cooler and count the fish,

All their tails started to swish!

Soaking wet from head to toe,

Reel in those rods ~ its time to go.




2011 Winner - Thunderduck

We started out the day with a BUD Light you see…


We caught four fish and someone had to pee


A fish was lost at the back of the boat & the mate threatened to send us afloat.


After the captain threw in money and chumming with beer – Luke was having a fit when three decided to hit…


The Captain was disappointed no bikinis on the pier as we came through the channel with our unit… we cracked another beer.



2010 Winner - Danel

To the tune of free credit baby


I was fishing on the big lake which ones me?

The cool sea ray or the Trojon 33?

Too bad I didn't see my diver get whacked, cuz now were driving home with our cooler half packed.

R E E L that spells reel, Reel it in Super fast baby.

I saw the driver start to jock.

Here come all the fish to attack.

Instead of a full cooler looking Phat,

the net pens on our side & the whole crew is getting laughed at.


R E E L that spells, reel, Reel everything in fast baby!


2009 Winner - Retriever

Teamwork : By Mike and Jacob Piechocki


Today we learned a little about teamwork. My brother and I fished on our dad's boat Retriever. We left dock bright and early just before 6AM. We didn't care about how early it was because we were so excited! We set lines and before they were all set, someone yelled "FISH ON", and the battle was on! After about 5 minutes, Sara boated our first fish. It was a nice 3-4lb. king salmon. After another 10 minutes the cry went out for the next fish and it was our turn! The king hit a leadcore and was very difficult to reel in. My brother and I took turns reeling it in because our arms got soooo sore! Over the next 2 hours we boated another 10 fish, most of which came on the cores. My brother and I had to work together with all of that reeling. Without each others help, we couldn't have reeled in all of those fish and had such a perfect day on the water! (and Mommy was awesome on the net too!) Kids Fishing 1 Kids Fishing 2

2008 Winner - In Pursuit

Spoon Time

7:04 we got one on lead core! We reeled it in until muscles were sore. Amid the thunder, King caught on Blue Balls – no wonder. Following close behind Another of the same kind. Super Froggin' it in To catch another of the same kin. Amid skies of light Trout was on the bite. Steer to the left, no to the right The crew was starting to fight. Thunder & Lightening The cells were frightening! Monkey Puke or pouring rain It doesn't matter, it's all the same. Steelhead, Trout & King A cooler full will make us sing Dancing Anchovy, salad tosser About as useful as bikini flosser. 8 crew members dripping wet And only 8 fish in the cooler yet. Green lipped intern thrown away, Might be useful another day. As morning wore on, the waves started to grow The crew screamed at the captain "We're losing our troll." Fob Wobbler, Blueberry, Jaw Breaker to go It all must come in if were to find the flow. At our new coordinates; 40 50 60 West The fish should surely bite the best! Throwing fish box and Deadweight out This is what fishing is all about. Plenty of little fish to be had, We spent hours looking for the Dad. 12 fish in the cooler, were cold but not bitter Because we're the girls of the In Pursuit, we're surely the winners.


2007 Winner - In Pursuit

Led core line, spin doctor and spoons galore I can assure you this chore Not the laundry or washing dirty dishes But bringing in the biggest of fishes. We're missing out on our shopping But who cares the fish are hopping With a fish on the line we hear "reel, reel, reel" If you've done this before you know how my arms feel. We're bringing in a Big King, don't break a nail Do we have time to write a fishing tale? The led core line is out so far We may have time to stop at the bar. Bud, Miller and Coors is the choice We're yelling so much we've lost our voice We drank too much and we're going to pee our pants It makes us want to do the fishing dance. Our Captain has brought us to the best fishing spot No wonder the fishing today has been so hot. With the pole in our hand there is no time for dusting We're catching the fish and our cooler is busting!


2006 Winner - Tammy Too

It's a Wonderful Life by Sal Salmon

It seemed so long ago that I was just a fryling. One day I was chosen to be part of a project called "Salmon in the Classroom". I was so proud - they picked me! I was one of 300 other salmon chosen. We got to see kids everyday. They would feed us, talk to us and watch us swim around. We did this for about 2 months. Out of all of the students, one little boy was my favorite. De didn't come around when all the other kids were here; he came around by himself and just watched us. Sometimes he would talk to us - he even named some of us. I'm Sal and whenever I see my boy, I swim right in front. He's my friend. One day, the students took us to a new place. It was this area surrounded by water. I had never seen so much water. My friend looked sad. I couldn't figure out why. Then all of a sudden I went flyin' out of my container and into another unknown body of water. After gaining my composure, I looked up and saw my little boy.

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2005 Winner - Best Chance

Fishing with the Best Chance girls team this year was more about color and less about beer. We began selecting lures that matched our painted toes, Passion Pink, Mango Mist, Watermelon and Rose. Dave, please find a dipsey diver in Chad Chi ng Cherry, and then a rubber snubber in tutti fruity or red raspberry. It must be our luck, no omen or curse, that the best colors today matched our shoes & purse. Soon we were loaded and pointed toward shore, when our last big salmon hit our hot pink board. Bill said, leave it to our girls to rely on a hunch, a little Jimmy Buffett and some tropical fruit punch. The point of the day is not winning or losing, its so much more fun when we do the choosing. Being with friends, no phones and just chillin' our lips painted red and our toes a fresh melon we broke through the piers only minutes to spare. Just enough time to fix makeup and hair!


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